Watch them grow

Didn’t believe the vines were growing an inch a day? Look at this.vines2

One Response to “Watch them grow”

  1. Tiffany & John says:

    We stayed overnight at Youngberg Hill and were invited to join the owners in the vineyard the next morning before breakfast for a hands on tour and demonstration of vine positioning and thinning. I am shocked to find out how much goes into just this process. We were taught to not only look at the position of the vines as fingers growing up but how to move them between the wires. After that we were shown how to look at each plant and thin the overgrowth. While thinning you have to keep in mind what is happening now, what needs to happen next year and the year after. If you take too much the grapes could get sunburn if you take too little they will not allow enough sun and then get mold. OMG! After knowing this process has to be done for EVERY plant I will never complain about paying $$$ for wine again. What a great stay and time we had learning. I will look forward to our next visit and lesson at Youngberg Hill. The wines will taste much better now that I know what to look for and appreciate what goes on behind the bottle.