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Another's perspective

February 10th, 2010 by Nicolette Bailey

While we often times get depressed at the rainy weather we are having, our guests are loving the weather. Rain and temperatures in the 40s are heaven sent compared to our guests from Wisconsin, Chicago, DC and even So. California.

The weather in Wisconsin is extremely cold right now and no sunshine. Chicago is under a blizzard warning. DC is in it’s third day of shutdown. Philadelphia is getting hit hard with snow today. And California, well maybe the weather is just too darn perfect down there. They are looking for a little change.

Where ever our guests are from, Oregon is a wonderful respite even in winter. And with great wine, great food, and great views, even a little rain does not dappen their spirits.


What a glorious day!

February 8th, 2010 by Nicolette Bailey

The sun is not shining only on New Orleans today. It is pretty sweet here in Oregon on Youngberg Hill as well. The grass is really starting to grow and the buds on the trees and bushes are swelling up. I feels like spring. The girls even played tennis outside yesterday during the Super Bowl.

I’m sure the rains are not behind us, but the respite is nice and if we get a couple more dry days, we just might be able to get the tractor into the vineyard to chop cane.

Sunny Super Bowl Sunday!

February 7th, 2010 by Nicolette Bailey

What a great day. Our guests are relaxing on Youngberg Hill, enjoying the sunrise, the fog, breakfast, and the elk crossing the driveway. Would be a great day to work the vineyard, but there is a football game on and we have a chili cookoff to compete in. This is the third year now and this year we are preparing a mol’e chili that will knock your socks off (or at least works up a sweat).

Valentine's Weekend

February 5th, 2010 by Nicolette Bailey

Romance & Wine
Make for a GREAT Valentines Weekend!
Inn Getaway Special
Youngberg Hill is offering a room special for a two night stay.  Rent any room for one night and the second night is free.  This special will run until March 10, 2010 
Good for any new reservation and excludes Valentines weekend.  This special needs to be identified when placing the reservation.  If entering an online reservation place ‘Inn Getaway Special’ in the note section.

Feb. 13th – 2nd Annual Not Your Mamma’s Chocolate
The classic pairing of chocolates and Youngberg Hill wines featuring a unique pairing for library wines with distinct and delicious chocolate creations.  We have been working on this for months tasting each amazing option.  This event was so successful we are thrilled to have everyone back.

11-5pm / $15 per person / Free to Wine Club Members

Feb. 14th – Valentines Dinner
Join us for this wonderful 4 course dinner.
The menu includes:
· Gorgonzola + Chocolate Crostini
· Pumpkin + Chocolate Ravioli
· Grill Duck with Dark Chocolate Cherry Sauce
· Dark Chocolate Raspberry Venus

6:30 pm /  $125 per couple / Overnight guests dinner is only $75/couple.  Includes wine.  Advanced reservations required or call 503.472.2727


February 4th, 2010 by Nicolette Bailey

Today, the fog and the clouds continue to ebb and flow through the valley floor and to the tops of the hill sides. The views give both a serene and whimsical air to the morning scene.

Wine fact: New food and wine pairing rules suggest the best wine to pair with a particular food, is the wine you enjoy most. Profound.

Foggy Days

February 3rd, 2010 by Nicolette Bailey

Yesterday morning was a spectacular morning of fog rolling up and down the valley floor while we stood purched up on Youngberg Hill with the sun shining brightly casting a hue over the fog. It was a perfect day for some potential brides to see our venue.

Today we are all in a fog as the clouds have rolled back in, providing more rain, as the fog rolls across my window. What a difference a day makes.

Winter Work

February 1st, 2010 by Nicolette Bailey

The vineyard looks as good as it has in three years. And we has great vintages in 2008 & 2009.

We had a great winemaker’s dinner on Saturday night. Everyone enjoyed the mushrooms, elk, and Youngberg Hill Pinot noir. There was so much enjoyment that the group postponed the barrel tasting on Sunday to another day.

Now on to Valentine’s Weekend where the focus will be on chocolate on Saturday and duck on Sunday for dinner.