Oregon Pinot Noir Wine Country @ Youngberg Hill

The hills are alive in Oregon Pinot Noir Wine Country. The vines are growing about 3 inches long currently. We will begin to take off any multiple shoots, buds, and suckers this weekend and begin our protective organic spray program. Everything is so green. We still have water puddles in the vineyard. It is very wet and still not too warm. It got down to 37 degrees last night. So the vines are growing slow right now. We bottled the 2008 Pinot Noirs last week; Natasha, Jordan, and Barrel Select. As has been suggested, this is possibly the best Pinot Noir vintage in many years, if not ever. In Youngberg Hill’s case, I believe we can safely say this is the finest wine we have ever made (although the 2009 is looking pretty close). The landscape on the Hill continues to blossom. The herb garden is beginning to flower and we have all sorts of flowers blooming. Every color of the rainbow. Speaking of rainbows, we have seen several the last couple of days as rain clouds and showers are interupted by sun and vise versa.