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Select Registry Member

July 13th, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

Youngberg Hill is a proud Member of Select Registry.  What makes Select Registry membership so special?  Perhaps the most important distinction between a Select Registry member inn and any other is our system of quality assurance. Select Registry carries out a quality assurance inspection of each  inns. This program involves independent inspectors – not employees of Select Registry – with years of experience in the hospitality industry. The inspectors arrive anonymously, spend the night, and evaluate the inn based on a detailed point system, which translates into a pass/fail grade for the inn.  Thus, this process provides a guarantee to the traveling public that a Select Registry inn is in a class of its own.  No other online directory or organization of innkeepers has a comparable inspection program. Select Registry has established quality as a hallmark of its member properties.   All of our inns are “the best” – and our inspections prove it! Youngberg Hill is a location you Must see in your lifetime.

Michael Orwick Paintings

July 12th, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

We were honored to have Michael Orwick visit Youngberg Hill last fall to paint his masterpieces from our beautiful hill. Michael creates oil paintings that are glowing dialogues of light. He allows his passion for nature to work its way into each piece.  If your interested in finding out more visit his website at

Oregon Bride Magazine Awards

July 11th, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

Youngberg Hill Wins 2011 Oregon Bride Magazine Awards for ‘Best Sunset Wedding Spot’ AND ‘Best All-Inclusive Wedding Venue’.  We were also a finalist for ‘Best Venue For Large Weddings’ and ‘Best Oregon Destination Venue’.  These awards have so touched us as it is voted by the public and industry professionals.  If I could reach through the computer and hug you for voting for us I would!  It is a David & Goliath story as Youngberg Hill doesn’t do as many weddings compared to others in these categories, so it is all that more special.   It has truly been an honor to host weddings throughout the years.  We know everyone personally and take great pride in greeting every guest as family and friends.  Oregon Bride Magazine is the leading bridal publication in the area, with a readership of 95,000 per issue.  A full listing of the 2011 Best of Bride winners is also available online by clicking here.

This has been an outstanding year as we received a Gold Medal for our 2008 Pinot Noir from Oregon Wine Award, an Award of Excellence from TripAdvisor, and now the Oregon Bride Awards.  Our whole team is so proud to receive these awards.  Thank you SO much for all your support!

Bloom in the Vineyard

July 8th, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

Our weather is great for bloom and fruit set in the vineyard. With the anticipated warmth over the next few days, these flowers will bloom quite quickly and fruit set will be right behind. This means that the fruit will tend to grow and ripen evenly adding to the quality of the fruit. And look at the size of these flower buds. With an anticipated excellent fruit set, our cluster size will be large and full.  Youngberg Hill and the Willamette Valley is having a great fruit set this year!

Natasha’s Winemaker Notes

July 6th, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

Natasha, our aspiring 11 years old winemaker in training, went to the winery to help trial the wines last week.  She really wanted to get it right and took notes about the details that I thought you might enjoy.

*  Measure and weigh precisely to get what you want or one thing could over power the other.

* You have to think strategy when doing this.

* Science and Math are important so I now know why I need to learn them in school.

* When you blend you have to see the strengths and weaknesses each wine has.

*  Its ALL about the taste!

* Know the harvest dates on the wine as it makes a big difference what they are like.  Blending different block wines but sometimes same wines from different dates harvested.

* Smell is like taste.  If the smell is good you’re going to want to taste it.

* Take Lots and LOTS of notes!

* You don’t want to taste a wine that leaves a bitter taste in your mouth even when your blending:-(

*Keep track of things!

*Balance is important.

*Sometimes you have to add things in to get it the way you want.  It could mean mixing 3 wines.

*Taking really good notes is important.

*Tweaking the wine a little bit to get what you want is harder then it seems.

* Math, Math, Math, and more math…

* You want it to taste like the best fruit EVER.

* How many cases do you want to produce.  (Math again)

*  As soon as you get what you want you can ‘play’ with other things.  No playing until you get what you need.

*Astringent means something like cotton mouth??

* Don’t jump into things.  You have to consider every last detail.

*Perfect balance of everything is the goal of blending.

*Sometimes you just have to start over again.  Which means more math!

* A good expression -subtle.


Deyla Huss Photography

July 5th, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

Deyla Huss Photography was at Youngberg Hill a few months ago doing a photo shoot for Champagne Events.  What a great time they had and what beautiful photos were taken.  We are excited about the wedding season that has started and we look forward to a great time for us all!

Bistro Maison Restaurant

July 4th, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

Bistro Maison Restaurant is a favorite of our guest for years.  Located only 11 minutes from Youngberg Hill is a combination of French Bistro meeting Northwest Wine Country.  Voted by CitySearch as the best 2010 in Portland’s four top restaurant categories (Best fine dining, French Food, French Fries (To Die For), and Outdoor Dining).  Don’t pass up the White Truffle Fondue,  Pork Chop, and save room for desert!  We have been dining there for 8 years and have had amazing food all those years.  Wine Country is honored to have Deborah and Jean-Jacque as part of our family.

For more information visit their website at

2011 Fueled By Fine Wine One-Half Marathon

July 1st, 2011 by Nicolette Bailey

2011 Fueled By Fine Wine One-Half Marathon combines your passion for running and love of fine wine in one event! The spectacular course will take you past some of the most acclaimed wineries in Oregon, winding through pristine vineyards and providing a breathtaking view from the top of the Dundee Hills. And you can imagine the after-party – wear your race medal and shirt proudly as you sip and savor some of Oregon’s finest wines with friends and family.  Youngberg Hill Inn is just a quick 15 minutes from this fun event.

Date: July 10, 2011    Time: 7 am    Place: Billick Park on 5th Street in Dundee, OR

Promo Code: winebyjoe and get $15 off for Joining Wine By Joe Team

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